Ski resorts can be some of the most luxurious and relaxing places to visit during the winter. Europe is one of the best places to plan a ski trip because of its historic and high-quality slopes combined with top-notch resorts that cater to guests’ needs.

The most famous mountain range historically for skiing is the Alps. So, the five countries that offer the finest slopes and resorts in Europe are Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, and Germany. Discover the best resorts in Europe that guarantee a wonderful skiing experience.

1. Dolomiti Superski in Italy

Technically not one ski resort but a collection of resorts located in the Trivento region of Italy and containing most of the winter ski slopes on the Dolomites. While there are multiple resorts, one ski pass gives you access to the Dolomiti Superski 12 skiing areas, so there is plenty to explore while you stay in the beautiful Italian countryside. 

In addition to stunning slopes, you can enjoy some of the finest European cuisines at 14 different Michelin-starred restaurants or take a culinary tour of the Dolomites at any of the 400 huts at the ski resorts. 

The popularity of the Dolomites is not limited to vacationing, as these ski hills regularly host World Cup Alpine Skiing and snowboarding competitions. These competitions include the Saslong classic, a historic World Cup Downhill race that occurs every year in Val Gardena, Italy.

2. Sestriere in Italy

One hour from the city of Turin, you’ll find Sestriere, an older ski resort located at the heart of the Via Lattea (Milky Way). This means it is linked to its neighbors and their ski slopes, so you can benefit from varied ski runs and resort amenities. Another resort area that regularly hosts Skiing World Cup events, the Via Lattea is a top European ski destination with Sestriere right in the center.

Originally built by Fiat’s founder Giovanni Agnelli, Sestriere was meant to be a vacation destination for factory workers in Turin. While the resort has become slightly dated and the slopes are not amateur friendly, it is a wonderful place for more experienced skiers who plan to spend more time on the slopes than indoors.

3. St. Anton Am Arlberg in Austria

St. Anton is a high-quality resort with fantastic snow, great food, and a family-friendly atmosphere. It receives ample snowfall, making for an excellent piste terrain that other resorts cannot replicate. Because of this, the slopes are generally friendly to beginners and an exceptional experience for anyone wanting to ski.

The downside of such an amazing place is that it is constantly packed. Skiers and snowboarders come to this area to practice in a high-quality area, and the sheer number of people can be overwhelming. 

This ski resort in Austria does offer ski schools for beginners, making it a great place to bring a family and introduce first-time skiers. If you don’t mind crowds, St. Anton may be an excellent choice for you.

If you want more than just great slopes, St. Anton also offers a huge range of exciting winter experiences, including dog sledding and horse-drawn sleigh rides. You can also work up a sweat rock climbing, indoor trampolining, and playing squash. 

4. Kitzbühel in Austria

Boasting 145 miles of slopes, you could ski here for weeks and only cover a fraction of the resort. One of the main reasons that Austria has become such a popular destination for skiing, Kitzbühel has 57 modern gondolas and ski lifts to ensure you can get to where you want to ski.

This resort is popular, so it also tends to become overcrowded like other mega resorts. The massive amount of area can also be daunting for visitors as there is an overwhelming selection of ski runs to choose from.

Outside of being too big for some, it is a quality resort that makes for a great ski holiday thanks to fabulous food, nightlife, and entertainment. Kitzbühel is also a fantastic destination for a winter wellness vacation, offering panoramic swimming pools, steam baths, solariums, and saunas at their exclusive spa hotels.

5. Zermatt in Switzerland

Possibly the most well-known ski resort in the world, Zermatt has the Matterhorn overlooking the resort for a breathtaking view. The highest ski resort in Europe, Zermatt is considered the pinnacle of luxury skiing. Even among all the high-quality European resorts, Zermatt is still the most sought-after.

Almost everything about the resort is considered the best, from the slopes to the amenities of the accommodations. There are various childcare and ski school options for families on a winter holiday and plenty of activities aside from skiing.

The downside is, of course, the price. Zermatt is one of Europe’s most expensive skiing locations; you can expect to spend over $4,500 for a one-week stay for two. However, the price will vary depending on the number of people, where you are staying, and what you are doing.

There is a reason Zermatt is considered the best, and that is because they offer a unique and luxurious experience for all visitors, from riding the highest ski lift in Europe to helicopter rides around the Matterhorn’s peak.

6. St. Moritz in Switzerland

Considered the birthplace of alpine sport, St. Moritz has existed for over 150 years. For a long time, this resort relied on its name and heritage, but in recent years it has undergone renovations to once again be one of the main attractions in the skiing world. 

Connected to Corviglia/Piz Nair, Corvatsch/Furtschellas, Diavolezza, and Lagalb, and the five smaller ski areas, St. Moritz has one of the largest ski areas in Europe. With such a large collection of slopes, they have numerous family-friendly options, making it an ideal vacation destination.

The new and improved St. Moritz resort now features a wellness spa, numerous restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, and access to museums and galleries. But one of the most unforgettable experiences are the railway journeys on the Bernina Express, Glacier Express, and Albula Route. These experiences take you through the Alps with panoramic views of glittering glaciers, untouched Alpine forests, Albula Valley, and the Rhine gorge. 

The downside of St. Moritz is that the recent renovations have made it more expensive and reduced the European charm it once had. Considering its size and history, St. Moritz has something for people of all ages and experiences.

7. Courchevel in France

Nothing says France like the Courchevel ski resort and its design for luxury and high fashion. Sometimes dubbed the “billionaires’ winter playground,” this ski resort is more than just a place to hit the slopes. There are so many other activities included that you can sometimes forget that it was built for skiing.

Airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons, escape rooms, spas, and yoga are a small fraction of what Courchevel offers besides skiing. This resort is ideal for those who need a winter vacation rather than just a ski trip. 

However, some skiers are off-put by the lack of focus on the skiing aspect. Many trails focus on beginners and cater to a specific clientele. If you have the money, this is an ideal vacation destination with well-groomed beginner-level pistes.

8. Zugspitze in Germany

Zugspitze is located on Germany’s highest peak and is considered a beginner-intermediate-friendly ski resort. It is a sleek, modern ski resort with great views as you go in the cable cars and lifts. 

The pricing provides good value, and the slopes are often less crowded than other European ski resorts. The nearby towns also provide the charming European atmosphere sought after on many European vacations.

The downside is that Zugspitze has little for advanced skiers and lacks the expansive ski areas other resorts offer. While it is not a mega ski resort that includes anything and everything like other options on this list, it is a wonderful experience for those who enjoy skiing casually.

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