The Bahamas have a lot to offer. As a stunning vacation destination, they are sought after the world over. The sugar white sand, and clear blue water are hard to resist. This collection of over 700 islands is certainly spectacular and filled with life. The only question is, which islands are the best? Well look no further than our selection of the five top islands of the Bahamas.


This Island is in a collection of smaller landmasses called the out islands of the Bahamas. These islands tend to be less crowded and not quite so touristy, yet they certainly have a lot to offer when it comes to world-class resorts. Rates are quite reasonable and there are plenty of things to do. In fact some of the hotels offer their own types of experience’s. For instance, Nathan’s offer some of the best bone fishing to be had in the area. Andrew’s offers it share of diving and fishing vacations too. For a more relaxed atmosphere try kayaking or birdwatching and taken some of the 43 native species or 100 other types of birds that breed on the out islands.

Paradise Island

Paradise Island boasts one of the world’s finest resorts. Atlantis, located on the island, is a world within itself. The property towers over the ocean scape creating quite the night skyline. This island is set up for tourists with a seemingly unlimited amount of things to do. The water park at Atlantis is one of the best in the world. One of the unique features of Paradise Island is the ability to go swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Cay. Reservations are required in advance so make sure you have yours planned before you go. Adults are sure to enjoy shopping in boutiques and other fine establishments such as Michael Kors, Versace, and Dooney and Bourke, to name a few. Fine dining and casual cafés dot the resort property and of course there is always the beautiful beach that is mere steps from anywhere! Paradise Island is connected by a bridge to Nassau. If you are looking for a quiet getaway without being surrounded by tourists, Paradise Island might not be for you.


Nassau is the capital city and by far the busiest island (it homes 80% of the people of the Bahamas) and as such is rife with history. Tour the Pompey Museum, historical sites, and other notable artifacts around since days when pirates truly roamed the Caribbean. In fact, Nassau was the filled with pirates itself until the first governor, Woods Rogers got rid of them and constructed Fort Nassau as its defense. Many great properties are located on the island itself, as well as an 11 acre botanical garden that has one of the largest individual exotic palm tree collections in the world. It’s also home to one of our favorite festivals – Junkanoo. Plenty to see and do!

Long Island

If the beautiful natural scenery is what you’re looking for, then Long Island is your destination. Amazing coral reef’s, beaches that are surreal, and cliffs that stretch towards the sky all make for some of the most wondrous natural scenery that the Bahamas has to offer. The unique soft pink sand that is characteristic to the island has its own allure. While you’re there make sure to stop at Dean’s blue hole, which has the distinction of being the deepest in the world.

The Abacos

Known as the boating capital of the world, this 650 mile stretch of islands is home to many villages that cater specifically to yacht owners and sail boaters. As such, it is the playground of the wealthy, yet still has events that anyone is sure to enjoy year round. Plenty of golf, tennis, and sailing regatta’s occur throughout the year. There’s even a boxcar derby in Hope Town that exudes the carefree and adventurous spirit these islands are known for. You will notice many of the homes are constructed in the colonial style. British influence seems to have lingered long after the American Revolution ended and the loyalists made their home here. Be sure to stop at Guana Cay on Sundays as they are focus for their hilltop sand dune barbecue!

The Bahamas have their own feel and vibe. One visit to any of the five listed above and you will understand. A vacation here is unlike any other. The Bahamas are a true slice of paradise, strewn across the ocean, that will leave you captivated for weeks after your visit.

Do you have any other islands to add to Five Top Islands of the Bahamas?


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