Everyone dreams of having that dream wedding. That wedding that people will remember forever and you will tell your grandchildren about. And what better place to have that unforgettable memory than at the beach.  The beach offers the perfect backdrop to one of life’s biggest milestones. And where are the best beaches in the world? The Caribbean of course! So, pack your bags and make your way down to the Caribbean to tie the knot. If you’re not sure which of the 100s of Caribbean Islands to choose… don’t worry, we have you covered. Here are the Top 5 wedding destinations in the Caribbean.

Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau has you covered for a perfect wedding. It’s one of the most accessible Caribbean islands, English is the main language spoken there, and it’s the closest island to mainland USA. With beautiful white sand and Caribbean blue waters, you will have to fight the urge to look at the beach over looking at your partner while exchanging vows. Filled with flashy hotels, wonderful restaurants and friendly people you will undoubtedly find the perfect wedding package on this gem of a destination.


The outcast of the Caribbean Islands is found 850 miles off the coast of North Carolina and is an amazing place for a wedding. If some of your guests are coming from Europe, this one should be a strong contender. The flight from London is 2 hours shorter than some of its Caribbean counterparts. Bermuda offers pink sand beaches and wonderful weather for you to enjoy for your wedding. Best time of year to plan your wedding is summer with temperatures peaking in the mid 80s.

Cayman Islands

While best known for its diving, Cayman Islands still have a lot of other things to offer. The Caymans offer some of the highest standards of living of all the Caribbean Islands and have some of the best services of any of the Caribbean Island. As a result, you’ll find a perfect location to host your wedding on one of the 3 main islands. The pick of the bunch is probably Grand Caymans where you will find everything you need for your big day. Be careful of the time of year you book as Caymans can often be packed throughout cruise season.

Turks & Caicos

One of the more expensive options, but also one of the best. With only a population of 35,000 it is one of the less developed islands in the Caribbean. But, the good news is that what has been developed is upscale and caters to the upper-class who don’t mind spending a few extra dollars. You won’t have a problem finding a stunning wedding service on Turks & Caicos with all the bells and whistles. It’s also home to our favorite beach in the world – Grace Bay. A wedding here and you may never want to return to reality.

US Virgin Islands

The 3 main islands of the US Virgin Islands are Saint Croix, St. Thomas and St. John, and you couldn’t go wrong with picking any of them for your wedding destination. Out of the three we would lean towards Saint Thomas. It’s the easiest one to reach and has all the services you need. The US Virgin Islands are the easiest to travel to for a US resident, being part of the USA, and it also uses US dollars for its currency.

St Thomas can also be a little crowded from frequent visits from cruise ships, but this shouldn’t deter you. There’s plenty of island to share.

That’s our picks for the top 5 wedding destinations in the Caribbean. Yes, having a wedding in the Caribbean is a great decision that you won’t regret. And better yet, once the wedding is completed, you can start your honeymoon straight away!


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